Air Conditioning


We are certified repair agents…

Your vehicle should have its air conditioning unit serviced every two years. This keeps it running efficiently and keeps the air in your vehicle clean and healthy.

Regular checks, diagnosis and maintenance of this unit should always be carried out by an authorised agent. This is a legal requirement and anyone who is not certified to carry out this work is breaking the law.

Here at Auto Sparks ,Stranraer, we use TEXA a world leader in supplying air conditioning maintenance equipment, to ensure you get reliable and efficient repairs and servicing on your equipment.

If your “air-con” just stops working, there is a chance that the system may just need something as simple as “re-charged”, this is done by renewing the gases in the air conditioning unit. For more information on servicing, repair or re-charging please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

New more environmentally friendly vehicle air conditioning system refrigerant gas (know as R1234yf) has become widely used (instead of R134a) from the 1st January 2017 on passenger cars.

Here at Auto Sparks we have the machinery to use both gases

Air Conditioning